Gastric Carcinoma:
18F-FDG PET/CT imaging


A 62 year-old male presented abdominal pain, weight loss and anemia. As a malignancy was suspected, upper GI endoscopy was performed showing thickening of gastric antrum. A 18F- FDG PET/CT scan was requested as a staging study.


Axial images, non contrast CT, PET and PET/CT fusion. A, B and C images show a markedly hypermetabolic thickening of distal gastric antrum, confirming a gastric carcinoma. Additionally, the patient presented a portacaval lymphadenopathy (D, E, F) and an isolated bone metastases located in the left iliac crest (G, H, I).


This Case was kindly provided by:

Dr Pilar PerlazaDr. Pilar Perlaza
Hospital Clínic Barcelona
Departament of Nuclear Medicine
Villaroel 170
08036 Barcelona



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