ESHIᴹᵀ endorses 10ps challenge: A step towards reconstruction-less TOF-PET

ESHIᴹᵀ is proud to announce that it endorses the lauch of a 10ps-Challenge to foster the next quantum leap in PET imaging and make reconstruction-less, high-sensitivity PET scanners a reality, thus paving the way towards reducing by an order of magnitude the radiation dose, the scan duration, and the scanning cost per patient.

Paper: State of affairs of hybrid imaging in Europe: two multi-national surveys

Integrated, interdisciplinary PET/CT reporting is not implemented ubiquitously. Training programmes and qualification options in hybrid imaging are limited in Europe.
Further harmonisation of operation and training in hybrid imaging is necessary on a European, regional and institutional level in order to ensure high clinical quality and to strengthen the clinical role of hybrid imaging.

Interview with ESHIᴹᵀ President Thomas Beyer on going hybrid

How is hybrid imaging faring across Europe, and are ongoing turf battles between radiology and nuclear medicine getting resolved?

Philipp Ward from AuntMinnie talked to Thomas Beyer, PhD, MBA, to reflect on these issues and on his first year as president of the European Society for Hybrid, Molecular and Translation Imaging (ESHIᴹᵀ), as well as the next 12 months ahead.

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Interview with our first hybrid imaging fellow: Mahmoud Rezk

Among many applicants, Dr. Mahmoud Rezk was chosen as our first hybrid imaging fellow in 2018. He was granted a 3-months-fellowship at Umea University (Sweden).

ESHIᴹᵀ General Assembly 2019

Thursday, February 28, 2019
12:00 – 13:00
Austria Center Vienna, Room M6

ECR becomes official meeting for Hybrid Imaging

  The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) has long been regarded primarily as an annual scientific meeting for radiologists. But as congress participants have witnessed over the last few years, this is no longer a fitting description, with the ECR pursuing a goal to...

ESHIᴹᵀ Webinars on Summer Break

Our highly successful educational webinar series is entering a well deserved summer break and will be back on September 19. Watch all recordings and view a map of where our registrants come from here.


Learn about hybrid imaging now and be at the forefront of medical imaging! Register free of charge for the ESOR Course on Hybrid Imaging in Oncology and receive a grant to cover accommodation plus travel to Vienna! ESHIMT, in cooperation with the European Society of...

Demand soars for coordinated hybrid imaging training

Young and aspiring radiologists and nuclear medicine clinicians are seeking more training and educational opportunities to advance their knowledge of hybrid imaging, which could lead to certification in the field, according to the results of a largely European survey published online on 26 April in Cancer Research.

Survey on PET/CT reporting

We would like to kindly ask you to complete a short survey on PET/CT reporting! The aim of the survey is get a better understanding on how the reporting of those examinations is being conducted throughout Europe and the world.

Newsletter – March 2018

In this newsletter: Meet the new ESHIMT board New hybrid imaging modality: PET-CT-UUI Case: Type 1 Autoimmune Pancreatitis: 18F-FDG-PET/CT imaging Webinar: "PET/MRI - Best of Both Worlds" (April 25) Interview with ESHIMT President Thomas Beyer Membership 2018...

Interview with ESHIᴹᵀ President Prof. Thomas Beyer

The newly elected ESHIMT President Prof. Thomas Beyer was invited for an interview with Philip Ward from Auntminnie and talked about the situation of hybrid imaging in Europe. From "The successful clinical implementation of hybrid imaging in Europe...

New Hybrid Imaging Modality: PET–CT–UUI

French researchers have combined traditional PET-CT and ultrafast ultrasound imaging (UUI) to create a new hybrid imaging modality that can identify metabolic activities while capturing rapid phenomena with high resolution.

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Visit our trailer at ECR 2018 Visit our hybrid imaging trailer right in front of the main building of ECR! Learn more about the society and meet our present and future board members, while sipping on a nice cup of coffee and enjoying some sweets.  If you would like to...

ECR 2018: Sessions you should not miss!

Are you coming to ECR 2018? We have compiled a selection of sessions that you should not miss if you are interested in hybrid, molecular and functional imaging! You can find it below.

If you cannot make it to all of them, here are the 5 ultimate highlights at the upcoming ECR