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Webinar Overview

  • Hybrid Imaging of bone metastases
  • PET/MRI Instrumentation
  • Hybrid Imaging of CNS Malignancies
  • Cost Effectiveness of Hybrid Imaging
  • Quantifying Tumour Response in PET – Technical Caveats



  • Concepts for Translational Research in Oncological Imaging
  • Hybrid Imaging in Breast Tumors
  • Hybrid Imaging in Cardiovascular Disease – What do the Guidelines say?
  • PET/MRI – Best of Both Worlds
  • Radiomics in Oncology: Principles and Challenges
  • Pitfalls of PET/CT in Head and Neck Oncology
  • Hybrid Imaging in Abdominal Cancers
  • PET-MRI in Tumour and Dementia Imaging: A Routine Clinical Tool?
  • PETRUS: Positron Emission Tomography Registered Ultrasound
  • PSMA-PET-MRI for diagnosis of prostate cancer


  • The basics of Hybrid Imaging
  • Clinical Hybrid Imaging
  • PET/CT in lymphoma
  • Hybrid Imaging in Head and Neck Cancer
  • PET/CT in lung cancer
  • Combined PET/MRI: Methods and Applications
  • Cardiac PET/MR
  • Hybrid Imaging in Pediatric Oncology
  • PET/CT Artifacts and Solutions



  • Estadificatión tumoral con PET/RM


IAEA / Eurosafe:

  • Clinical Hybrid Imaging: Radiation Issues