xSPECT/CT of the lumbar spine and pelvis

Fig 1. Posterior planar image. This scan is considered within normal limits.

Fig 2. xSPECT-CT sacroiliac joints. This shows mild bilateral sacroiliitis. Window such the red indicates SUV > 10. Quantified uptake on the right was SUVmax =13.0 (mild) and 11.0 on the left (equivocal).

34-y/o female with hypermobility and Sjogren’s syndrome referred with stiffness in her lumbar and sacroiliac region. There were mild inflammatory blood tests. A whole-body [99mTc]HDP scan was considered normal (fig.1). Subsequent xSPECT/CT of the lumbar spine and pelvis emonstrated increased patchy sacroiliac joint uptake (Fig. 2); note, windowing was done such that an SUV>10 shows as red. The SUVmax in the right and left sacroiliac joint was 13 and 11, respectively.

Our experience to date suggests that these SUV correspond to mild and equivocal uptake, respectively. A diagnosis of mild bilateral sacroiliitis was made on the basis of both the xSPECT appearance and xSPECT quantitative data.

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