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ESHIᴹᵀ Webinars

 - Ferdia Gallagher Metabolic Imaging with MRIFerdia Gallagher
 - Response Assessment in Lymphoma – The Role of Morphologic and Metabolic Imaging
 - Hybrid Imaging in hematologic malignancies
 - Assessment of tumoral heterogeneity in imaging
 - Sectral CT in Oncology
 - Debate: The “Good, Bad and Ugly” of merging Nuclear Medicine and Radiology
 - Multispectral optoacoustic tomography: What’s the status of clinical translation
 - PET/MRI – a status update
 - Neuro-PET beyond oncology
 - An update on PET tracers for oncology
 - Hyperpolarised 13C MRI – Current and future applications
 - Multiscale microscopy to understand tumor-immune interactions
 - Jochen Walz, David Zogala, Eugene Teoh Understanding PET/CT imaging in biochemical recurrence (BCR) of prostate cancerJochen Walz, David Zogala, Eugene Teoh
 - Christian Reinert Hybrid imaging in melanomaChristian Reinert
 - Matthias Frölich Cost-effectiveness in hybrid imaging – How to cope with the demandsMatthias Frölich
 - Gary Cook Radiomics in molecular imagingGary Cook
 - Ferdia Gallagher Metabolic imaging with MRI in oncologyFerdia Gallagher
 - Matthias Eder Novel tracers for prostate cancer – the future of PSMA PETMatthias Eder
 - José Vercher Conejero Theranostics in Neuroendocrine Tumors – Basics and UpdateJosé Vercher Conejero
 - Katrine Riklund PET/CT and PET/MR hybrid imaging of rectal cancerKatrine Riklund
 - Clemes Cyran AI in multimodality imaging of cancerClemes Cyran
 - Fabian Kiessling Contrast-enhanced ultrasound: Recent preclinical developments and established clinical applicationsFabian Kiessling
 - Angel Alberich-Bayarri Imaging Biomarkers in oncology (with ESOI)Angel Alberich-Bayarri
 - Frederik Giesel Multimodality Imaging of Prostate Cancer: Management impact on clinical therapyFrederik Giesel
 - Barbara Malene Fischer PET/CT for radiotherapy planningBarbara Malene Fischer
 - José Vercher Conejero 18F-FDG PET/CT in breast cancer: Evidence-based recommendationsJosé Vercher Conejero
 - John Dickson Update on recent developments in SPECT/CTJohn Dickson
 - Clemens Cyran Novel hybrid imaging application in hematological malignanciesClemens Cyran
 - Wolfgang Weninger Optical methods in hybrid imagingWolfgang Weninger
 - Charles Cuenod Perfusion imaging – an update on basics, DCE acquisition and analysisCharles Cuenod
 - Sikandar Shaikh PET/CT in infection and inflammationSikandar Shaikh
 - Matthias Gutberlet PET/MRI in cardiovascular diseases: Is there true added value?Matthias Gutberlet
 - Mai Amr Elahmadawy, Yehia Omar [18F]-FET-PET/MRI in gliomas + [68Ga]-DOTATATE in NETsMai Amr Elahmadawy, Yehia Omar
 - Clemens Cyran Clinical relevance of PSMA PET/CT: An overview and updateClemens Cyran
 - Ahmed Talaat Khairy Development and Indications of PET/MRI in comparison with PET/CTAhmed Talaat Khairy
 - Ahmed Wafaie Introduction to PET/CT: Basics and Clinical ApplicationsAhmed Wafaie
 - Tara Barwick Hybrid Imaging of Gynaecological MalignanciesTara Barwick
 - Thomas Beyer Tumour response in PET – technical caveatsThomas Beyer
 - Barbara Malene Fischer Cost Effectiveness of Hybrid ImagingBarbara Malene Fischer
 - Sotirios Bisdas Hybrid Imaging of CNS Malignancies – Clinical ImpactSotirios Bisdas
 - Ivo Rausch PET/MRI InstrumentationIvo Rausch
 - Gary Cook Hybrid Imaging of bone metastasesGary Cook
 - José R. García Garzón Estadificación tumoral con PET/RMJosé R. García Garzón
 - Pascal Baltzer PSMA-PET-MRI for diagnosis of prostate cancerPascal Baltzer
 - Ivo Rausch, Katrine Riklund Clinical Hybrid Imaging: Radiation IssuesIvo Rausch, Katrine Riklund
 - Bertrand Tavitian PETRUS: Positron Emission Tomography Registered UltrasoundBertrand Tavitian
 - Sotirios Bisdas PET/MRI in Tumour and Dementia Imaging: A Routine Clinical Tool?Sotirios Bisdas
 - Vicky Goh Hybrid Imaging in Abdominal CancersVicky Goh
 - Minerva Becker Pitfalls of PET/CT in Head and Neck OncologyMinerva Becker
 - Laure Fournier Radiomics in Oncology: Principles and ChallengesLaure Fournier
 - Lale Umutlu PET/MRI – Best of Both WorldsLale Umutlu
 - Matthias Gutberlet Hybrid Imaging in Cardiovascular Disease – What do the Guidelines say?Matthias Gutberlet
 - Katja Pinker-Domenig Hybrid Imaging in Breast TumorsKatja Pinker-Domenig
 - Konstantin Nikolaou Concepts for Translational Research in Oncological ImagingKonstantin Nikolaou
 - Thomas Beyer PET/CT and PET/MR Artifacts and SolutionsThomas Beyer
 - Jürgen Schäfer Hybrid Imaging in Pediatric OncologyJürgen Schäfer
 - Matthias Gutberlet Cardiac PET/MRMatthias Gutberlet
 - Thomas Beyer Combined PET/MRI: Methods and ApplicationsThomas Beyer
 - Katrin Riklund PET/CT in Lung CancerKatrin Riklund
 - Sergios Gatidis Hybrid Imaging in Head and Neck CancerSergios Gatidis
 - Gerald Antoch	PET/CT in LymphomaGerald Antoch
 - Osman Ratib Clinical Hybrid ImagingOsman Ratib
 - Thomas Beyer The Basics of Hybrid ImagingThomas Beyer


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