ESHI Story No. 8

Misr Radiology Center
(Cairo, Egypt)

ESHI Story No.7 (Video)

(Vienna, Austria)

ESHI Story No. 6 (Video)

Nuclear Medicine Department / Hospital Sant Pau
Barcelona, Spain

ESHI Story No. 5

Institute for Experimental Molecular Imaging (ExMI)
(Aachen, Germany)

ESHI Story No.4

Darweesh Scan Center
(Alexandria, Egypt)

ESHI Story No. 3

Garran Medical Imaging
(Canberra, Australia)

ESHI Story No. 2

Diagnostic Therapeutic Centre Berlin
(Berlin, Germany)

ESHI Story No.1

Radiology Center
(Vienna, Austria)

ESHI Storyboard

On our storyboard, we put a spotlight on medical centers in Europe that use hybrid imaging scanners and modalities in their daily work. The stories of those centers are compiled here, proving that there is a very active hybrid imaging network in Europe that is operating highly successful.

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