Lymph node metastasis in a prostate carcinoma:


Lymph node metastases after prostatectomy, Ga-68-PSMA-PET

Lymph node metastases after prostatectomy, MRI

Lymph node metastases after prostatectomy, Ga-68-PSMA-PET/MRI

A 64 year-old patient underwent a radical prostatectomy with subsequent radiotherapy, three years prior to the PET/MR screening. Based on a current PSA value of 0.77 ng/ml, a Ga-68-PSMA-PET/MR was conducted.

This showed PSMA receptor expression consistent with malignancy in several lymph nodes (iliac internal on both sides, more pronounced on the right side, iliac common on the left side und pre sacral on both sides) that are indicative for lymph node metastases as catalyst for the increased PSA value. A local recurrence could be ruled out with certainty.

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