CHILI 4.0 makes its mark in hybrid imaging attracting 2843 attendees from 144 countries


On October 29, over 2800 attendees were wowed at the fourth Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live (CHILI 4.0) with a spicy mix of live lectures, industry symposia and discussions focussed on the latest updates from the field of hybrid imaging. Attendees to the congress, which was held free-of-charge, hailed from more than 140 countries. This large and diverse level of audience participation in the event makes CHILI 4.0, organised by the European Society for Hybrid, Molecular and Translational Imaging (ESHIᴹᵀ) one of the largest online events in hybrid imaging to have ever taken place.

The conference was streamed live from a modern studio in Vienna. All lectures and discussions were held live, creating a more authentic meeting experience compared to other online events. The special theme of this year’s event was how to guide clinical therapy in different clinical applications in oncology, infection and inflammation. Sessions on hybrid imaging as the standard of care in oncology, looking beyond FDG, and new horizons for hybrid imaging and infection and inflammation were held, featuring eighteen speakers who shared state-of-the-art updates and important insights.

Those with an ESR Premium Education Package can still watch the recorded event on ESR Connect until December 31.