Meet the CHILI faculty

The faculty members of CHILI kindly invite you to join the Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live on November 11.


Clemens Cyran (Germany)

Thomas Beyer (Austria)


Clemens Cyran (Germany)

Innovation for hybrid imaging

María José García Velloso (Spain)

Axel Rominger (Switzerland)

Mike Sathekge (South Africa)

Irène Buvat (France)

Oncology – guidelines and standard of clinical care

Danijela Dejanovic (Denmark)

Egesta Lopci (Italy)

Marcus Unterrainer (Germany)

Katja Pinker-Domenig (United States)

Infection and inflammation

Ora Israel (Israel)

José Vercher Conejero (Spain)

Klaus Strobel (Switzerland)

Alexander Hammers (United Kingdom)


Harun Ilhan (Germany)

Frederik Giesel (Germany)

Betty Salgues (France)

Jeremie Calais (United States)