CHILI – Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live

Nuclear Medicine and Radiology – a HOT combination

After the huge success of the first two editions, CHILI – the Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live – returns with its engaging online-only conference format. On November 13, a full day of high quality lectures, case reviews and discussions await you under the main topic of “Guiding clinical therapy with hybrid imaging”.  

More than 4’000 imaging professionals registered for CHILI 2019, this year it will be even more engaging and definitly more spicy!

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Date: November 13, 2020

Time: 08:55-17:50 (CET)

Location: Online only

Credits: an accreditation request was made to UEMS / EACCME

Fee: 45.- €

Registration: Register here!

Disclaimer: CHILI and the CHILI logo are registered trademarks of the CHILI GmbH who we kindly thank for the free permission to use their trademarks.


Registration fee: 45.- €

+ Includes participation in the live conference and access to all lectures, case reviews, Q&A and discussions including a certificate of attendance with CME credits.

+ Includes unlimited access to all recordings and on-demand content after the conference ended. (Please note that a certificate of attendance with CME credits can only be issued to live participants.)

Learning Objectives

  • to learn the principles of guiding clinical therapy with hybrid medical imaging
  • to learn the key clinical questions at different points in the patient’s journey
  • to understand the indications, limitations and comparative merits of each part in hybrid medical imaging in a wide range of oncologic and non-oncologic conditions, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, cardiac diseases, neurodegeneration as well as inflammation and infection.
  • to appreciate the complementary roles of structural and functional/molecular imaging in cancer management
  • to understand how information derived from imaging guides patient selection for treatment and supports individualised treatment planning
  • to learn about new horizons for hybrid imaging, such as full body PET/CT, novel tracers and artificial intelligence in hybrid imaging


Guiding clinical therapy with hybrid imaging
The four sessions of CHILI will cover various aspects relating to the fusion of radiology and nuclear medicine. The first three sessions are dedicated to exploring ways to guide clinical therapy with the use of hybrid imaging. Each of the lectures will be illustrated practically by a case review.

The conference will conclude with a session dedicated to new developments that are on the horizon for hybrid imaging, such as the great leap for full body PET/CT, novel tracers and a lecture on how to evolve clinical applications for artificial intelligence in hybrid imaging.

Please note that the programme is still subject to change.



Session 1

Guiding clinical therapy in oncology

show details +

08:55-09:00 – Introduction to CHILI 3.0 (Clemens Cyran)


PET/CT: Guiding therapy in breast cancer
Pascal Baltzer (Vienna, Austria)


Guiding immunotherapy with hybrid imaging
Clemens Cyran (Munich, Germany)


PSMA-PET/MRI in the management of prostate cancer
Laura Evangelista (Padova, Italy)


Clinical case reviews
Pascal Baltzer, Clemens Cyran & Laura Evangelista


Q&A with the experts



Session 2

Guiding clinical therapy in heart, brain and kids

show details +

Clinical use of cardiac PET/MRI
Juhani Knuuti (Turku, Finland)


Imaging of epilepsy – the added value of PET/MRI
Alexander Hammers (London, UK)


Hybrid imaging for pediatric patient management
Helen Nadel (Stanford, USA)


Clinical case reviews
Juhani Knuuti, Alexander Hammers, Helen Nadel


Q&A with the experts



Session 3

Guiding clinical therapy in infection and inflammation

show details +

Hybrid imaging for orthopedics and rheumatological disorders
Klaus Strobel (Lucerne, Switzerland)


Hybrid imaging with FDG in infectious diseases
José Vercher Conejero (Barcelona, Spain)


Infection and Inflammation imaging beyond FDG
Giorgio Treglia (Bellinzona, Switzerland)


Clinical case reviews
Klaus Strobel, José Vercher Conejero & Giorgio Treglia


Q&A with the experts



Special session

Industry sponsored symposium

More info will follow soon.




Session 4

New horizons for hybrid imaging

show details +

Total body PET/CT – the great leap?
Thomas Beyer (Vienna, Austria)


Novel tracers for hybrid imaging
Roger Schibli (Zurich, Switzerland)


Evolving clinical applications for artificial intelligence in hybrid imaging
Irène Buvat (Orsay, France)


Round table discussion
Thomas Beyer, Roger Schibli & Irène Buvat


Closing remarks
Clemens Cyran


The expert faculty of CHILI comprises nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists, medical physicists and radiochemists. You can read more about each speaker here.


Pascal Baltzer
Vienna, Austria

Clemens Cyran
Munich, Germany

Laura Evangelista

Padova, Italy

Juhani Knuuti
Turku, Finland

Alexander Hammers

London, UK

Helen Nadel

Stanford, USA
Klaus Strobel
Lucerne, Switzerland

José Vercher-Conejero

Barcelona, Spain
Giorgio Treglia
Bellinzona, Switzerland

Thomas Beyer
Vienna, Austria
Roger Schibli
Zurich, Switzerland
Irène Buvat
Orsay, France

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