ECR 2018: Sessions you should not miss!

Are you coming to ECR 2018? We have compiled a selection of sessions that you should not miss if you are interested in hybrid, molecular and functional imaging! You can find it below.

If you cannot make it to all of them, here are the 5 ultimate highlights at the upcoming ECR.


Merging the best: hybrid imaging

8:30-10:00, Room M 5

Molecular imaging in oncology

16:00-17:30, Room M 3


– ESR/ESHI Session –
When to use hybrid imaging

08:30-10:00, Room L8


Marie Curie Honorary Lecture

13:00-13:30, Room A

– ESHI Session –
Non-oncological hybrid imaging: case-based

16:00-17:30, Room M 1


Hybrid imaging in oncology

14:00-15:30, Room O




08:30 - 10:00 - Lung cancer in the era of molecular oncology and immune therapy

E³ 118
Level III – Topics: Chest, Oncologic Imaging,  Molecular Imaging

Room: M 4
Moderator: H. Prosch (Vienna/AT)


4 presentations in this session:


Chairperson’s introduction
H. Prosch; Vienna/AT

Lung adenocarcinomas with EGFR mutations
M. Lederlin; Rennes/FR

ALK-rearranged lung adenocarcinomas
M. Silva; Parma/IT

PD-L1 positive lung tumours
O. L. Sedlacek; Heidelberg/DE

08:30 - 10:00 - Merging the best: hybrid imaging

RC 106
Level II – Topics: Molecular Imaging, Imaging Methods, Hybrid Imaging

Room: M 5
Moderator: G. Antoch (Düsseldorf/DE)

3 presentations in this session:


Hybrid imaging with SPECT/CT
A. F. Scarsbrook; Leeds/GB

Hybrid imaging with MR/PET
F. M. A. Kiessling; Aachen/DE

Hyperpolarised MRI
F. A. Gallagher; Cambridge/GB

12:30 - 13:30 - 'The role of cross-modality imaging in oncology diagnostics and treatment' (Satellite Symposium jointly organised by Canon and Toshiba)
SY 3
Topics: Abdominal Viscera, Genitourinary, Hybrid Imaging, Interventional Radiology, Oncologic Imaging

Room: K
Moderator: A. Denys (Lausanne/CH)

3 presentations in this session:


MRI-US fusion for diagnostic assessment of the prostate and treatment guidance
T. Fischer; Berlin/DE

Improving clinical pathways with angio CT in abdominal IR
B. Guiu; Daix/FR

Interventional oncology in a state-of-the-art angio CT environment
A. Gangi; Strasbourg/FR


14:00 - 15:30 - Diffuse liver disease
E³ 320
Level II+III – Topics: Abdominal Viscera, Imaging Methods, Molecular Imaging

Room: M 5
Moderator: L. Martí-Bonmatí (Valencia/ES)

4 presentations in this session:


Chairperson’s introduction
L. Martí-Bonmatí, C. Triantopoulou

Assessment and quantification of fat in NAFLD
M. Ronot; Clichy/FR

Congenital diffuse liver diseases and iron overload
M. M. França; Porto/PT

Diagnosis and staging of liver fibrosis
L. Martí-Bonmatí; Valencia/ES


16:00 - 17:30 - Molecular imaging in oncology
RC 406
Topics: Molecular Imaging, Imaging Methods
Room: M 3

Moderator: K. Nikolaou (Tübingen/DE)

4 presentations in this session:


Chairperson’s introduction
K. Nikolaou; Tübingen/DE

Imaging of hypoxia
V. Goh; London/GB

Imaging of proliferation
A. Kjaer; Copenhagen/DK

Imaging of metabolism
C. Nanni; Bologna/IT

Biomarker imaging with MR
M. E. Mayerhöfer; Vienna/AT

Panel discussion: The pros and cons of molecular imaging in oncology





08:30 - 10:00 - ESR/ESHI - When to use hybrid imaging

Level II – Topics: Hybrid Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Nuclear Medicine

Room: L 8
Moderator: K. Riklund (Umea/SE), T. Beyer (Vienna/AT)


3 presentations in this session:


Imaging prostate cancer: MRI or PSMA-PET/CT?
L. Schimmöller; Düsseldorf/DE

Differentiating radiation necrosis from tumour recurrence: do we need hybrid imaging?
E.-M. B. Larsson; Uppsala/SE

What can we expect as future targets for new radiopharmaceuticals?
G. Cook; London/GB


10:30 - 12:00 - Scientific Session: Breast MR/PET and PET/CT

SS 602

Room: E1
Moderator:  I. Gheonea (Craiova/RO), C. K. Kuhl (Aachen/DE)


11 presentations in this session:


Histogram analysis of apparent diffusion coefficients for monitoring early response in patients with breast cancer undergoing concurrent chemotherapy
W. Wang, J. Cheng, Y. Zhang; Zhengzhou/CN


Imaging of the hypoxic microenvironment in breast cancer using PET/MR
J. C. Carmona-Bozo, T. Torheim, R. Woitek, A. J. Patterson, O. Abeyakoon, C. Carraco, E. Provenzano, M. J. Graves, F. J. Gilbert; Cambridge/GB


What is the diagnostic performance of 18-FDG-PET/MR and PET/CT in the initial staging of breast cancer?
D. Botsikas, I. Bagetakos, M. Picarra, S. Boudabbous, X. Montet, G. T. Lam, I. Mainta, A. M. Kalovidouri, M. Becker; Geneva/CH


A proposal diagnostic algorithm for F-18FDG PET/CT-detected breast incidental lesion based on BI-RADS and SUVmax criteria
M. Bakhshayeshkaram, S. Zahirifard, F. Aghahosseini, R. Hashemi Beni; Tehran/IR


Breast MRI and dedicated breast PET (dbPET): friends and foes
M. Herranz1, S. Argibay-Vazquez1, I. Dominguez-Prado1, P. Ling Ling2, L. Graña3, M. Vázquez Caruncho3, A. Ruibal1; 1Santiago de Compostela/ES 2Shanghai/CN 3Lugo/ES


Value of quantitative magnetic resonance imaging T1-relaxation time in predicting contrast-enhancement in breast cancer
X. Zhang, M. Li, L. Mao, C. Wang, S. He, M. Liu; Guangzhou/CN

MRI of invasive mass breast cancer: correlation of global vascularity and ADC with pathological features
A. Milani, R. M. Trimboli, L. A. Carbonaro, M. Codari, G. Di Leo, F. Sardanelli; Milan/IT


Utility of diffusion in evaluating chest wall invasion of breast tumours
N. Samreen, C. Lee, K. Adler, A. Bhatt, T. Hieken, S. Zingula, K. N. Glazebrook; Rochester/US


MR evaluation of fibroglandular tissue (FGT) and background parenchymal enhancement (BPE) in breast cancer and its association with receptor status
S. B. Grover1, P. Jain1, S. K. Jain1, A. K. Mandal1, H. Grover2; 1New Delhi/IN 2Bridgeport/US


Implementation of imaging biomarkers of healthy breast tissue with multiparametric [18F]FDG-PET/MRI may aid breast cancer diagnosis
D. Leithner1, G. J. Wengert2, M. Weber2, T. H. Helbich2, P. Kapetas2, P. A. T. Baltzer2, E. A. Morris1, G. Karanikas2, K. Pinker1; 1New York/US 2Vienna/AT


Are there differences in multiparametric breast [18F]FDG-PET/MR imaging biomarkers of contralateral healthy tissue in patients with and without breast cancer?
D. Leithner1, T. H. Helbich2, B. Bernard-Davila1, G. J. Wengert2, P. Kapetas2, P. A. T. Baltzer2, A. Haug2, E. A. Morris1, K. Pinker1; 1New York/US 2Vienna/AT

12:00 - 13:00 - Voice of EPOS: Molecular imaging in oncology
VoE 41
Topics: Molecular Imaging,


Room: Voice of EPOS Stage 2

Moderator: F. Frauscher (Innsbruck/AT)

6 posters in this session:


Study on the Correlation between Ultra-High B Value MR Diffusion Imaging and Aquaporin-4 in A Hepatic Ischemic-Reperfusion Model in Rats
S. Zhang, l. Yao, Q. Wang, W. Gao, Y. Hong, D. Kong, F. Chen; Hangzhou/CN


Value-add with PET: The role of [F-18] FDG PET/CT during initial evaluation and follow-up of Erdheim-Chester Disease
J. Tan, C. Tan; Singapore/SG


Molecular imaging of depression-related brain metabolites using CEST technique – phantom study
A. Pankowska1, K. Kochalska1, A. Orzyłowska1, A. Łazorczyk1, A. Wójtowicz1, K. Dyndor1, R. Pietura1, R. Rola1, G. Stanisz2; 1Lublin/PL 2Toronto/CA


In vivo short TE 1H MRS study at 7T for the assessment of metabolic changes in the rat model of chronic unpredicted mild stress protocol (CUMS) with and without Lactobacillus rhamnosus (JB‑1) treatment.
A. Łazorczyk1, K. Kochalska1, A. Pankowska1, A. Orzyłowska2, T. Słowik1, A. Wójtowicz1, R. Pietura1, R. Rola1, G. Stanisz3; 1Lublin/PL 2Krakow/PL 3Toronto/CA


Extraadrenal Myelolipoma (EM) and Extramedullary Hematopoiesis (EH): a Non-Invasive Diagnostic Approach
M. Martin Martin1, E. Usamentiaga1, A. Biesa Campos2, B. Rodriguez Fisac1, B. Rodriguez Chikri1, P. Roig Egea1; 1Palma de Mallorca/ES 2Inca/ES


Does Activation of Manduca sexta Duox cause gut inflammation? New insights with MRI and PET imaging.
A. G. Müller1, F. H. H. Müller2, Y. von Bredow1, C.-R. von Bredow1, M. Speckmann1, T. Trenczek1; 1Giessen/DE 2Ludwigshafen/DE


16:00 - 17:30 - Monitoring response: the essential guide for all radiologists
RC 816
Level II – Topics: Oncologic Imaging, Imaging Methods, Nuclear Medicine


Room: F2
Moderator: P. Brader (Graz/AT)

5 presentations in this session:


Chairperson’s introduction
P. Brader; Graz/AT

RECIST made easy
A. G. Rockall; London/GB

PERCIST: PET response criteria
C. Cyran; Munich/DE

Assessment of response using functional MR and CT imaging: the essentials
L. Fournier; Paris/FR

Panel discussion: When and how will functional imaging overcome morphological assessment?





10:30 - 12:00 - Scientific Session: Molecular imaging of biology and pathology

Topics: Molecular Imaging

Room: M 3
Moderator: A. Esposito (Milano/IT), F. M. A. Kiessling (Aachen/DE)


11 presentations in this session:


To evaluate the role of 68Ga DOTA NOC receptor PET CT in detection of unknown primary neuroendocrine tumours
S. M. Shaikh; Hyderabad/IN


PET/MR of biliary tract malignancies: impact on treatment planning
O. A. Catalano1, U. Mahmood1, C. Ferrone1, L. Blaszkowsky2, L. Goyal1, T. Hong1, C. Catana3, D. Gervais1, B. R. Rosen3; 1Boston/US 2Newton/US 3Charlestown/US


Implications of 2-hydroxyglutarate in gliomas with IDH1/2 mutations
L. Wang1, Y. Zhang1, Z. Liu2, H. Mao3; 1Shenzhen/CN 2Nanchang/CN 3Atlanta/US


Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the placenta: a feasibility study
C. M. J. Beaumont, E. H. Whitby; Sheffield/GB


Imaging glycolytic heterogeneity of HCC in real time using dynamic hyperpolarised magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a personalised medicine approach
G. G. K. Kaissis, F. Lohöfer, E. Bliemsrieder, G. Topping, F. Schilling, E. J. Rummeny, M. Schwaiger, R. Braren; Munich/DE


The early study of DWI and 1H-MRS in rabbit VX2 transplanted tumours after radiation comparison with pathology changes
Y.-M. Li, D.-D. Lin, Z. Xing, Y. Chuan, X. Xu; Fuzhou/CN


BAT activity in Type I and Type II diabetes mouse models: multimodal imaging study using 7T MRI and intravital microscopy
C. Jung, M. Heine, N. Mangels, M. Kaul, G. Adam, H. Ittrich, J. Heeren; Hamburg/DE


In vivo tracing of superparamagnetic iron oxide-labelled bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells transplanted for traumatic brain injury by susceptibility weighted imaging in a rat model
Y. Zhang; Zhengzhou/CN


Molecular imaging heterogeneity study of breast tumours as a new diagnosis parameter
M. Herranz1, P. Ling Ling2, P. Aguiar1, W. Liang2, L. Albaina Latorre3, M. Juaneda3, A. Ruibal1; 1Santiago de Compostela/ES 2Shanghai/CN 3A Coruña/ES


Small animal imaging using a clinical PET/CT system: high throughput imaging enabled by next-generation digital PET
M. V. Knopp, K. Briley-Saebo, M. I. Menendez, A. Siva, K. Binzel, J. Zhang; Columbus/US


Preliminary analysis of ultrasound imaging-based thermometry in ex vivo biological tissues
F. Giurazza, G. Frauenfelder, C. Massaroni, G. Galati, A. Picardi, E. Schena, B. Beomonte Zobel, S. Silvestri; Rome/IT


13:00 - 13:30 - Marie Curie Honorary Lecture
HL 2
Topics: Hybrid Imaging, Oncologic Imaging
Room: A

Hybrid imaging: the story so far and what to expect next 

Speaker: K. Riklund; Umea/SE


Learning Objectives

1. To learn about the development of hybrid imaging.
2. To understand the principles for molecular imaging exemplified in PET/CT and MR/PET.
3. To appreciate the combination of molecular and functional imaging.
4. To become familiar with a few clinical areas with high potential in hybrid imaging.




Hybrid imaging, the combination of structural and functional or molecular imaging started with visual and software fusion and has developed into new scanners with hardware fusion of PET or SPECT together with CT or MRI. During the session I will take you on an amazing tour behind the scenes in secret chamber; the human body, visualised in structures and biochemistry, and molecular medicine. I will present a fascinating story of the development of something really astonishing on one hand and on the other hand something you cannot be without in daily imaging work.


16:00 - 17:30 - ESHI - Non-oncological hybrid imaging: case-based
Level II – Topics: Hybrid Imaging, Molecular Imaging , Nuclear Medicine


Room: M 1
Moderator: O. Ratib (Geneva/CH), K. Riklund (Umea/SE)

3 presentations in this session:


Cardiac hybrid imaging indications: case-based
C. Rischpler; Munich/DE

Non-oncological intracranial indications for hybrid imaging: case-based
A. Drzezga; Cologne/DE

Hybrid imaging in inflammation: case-based
A. Signore; Rome/IT





08:30 - 10:00 - Motion artefacts and their management in medical imaging

RC 1313

Level III – Topics: Physics in Medical, Imaging Oncologic, Imaging Nuclear Medicine

Room: G
Moderator: T. Beyer (Vienna/AT)


5 presentations in this session:


Chairperson’s introduction
T. Beyer; Vienna/AT

A. Managing motion in CT: conventional approaches and motion compensating techniques
M. Kachelrieß; Heidelberg/DE

B. Managing motion in cone-beam CT (CBCT): conventional approaches and motion compensating techniques
P. Paysan; Baden−Dättwil/CH

C. Motion compensation in MR and PET imaging
C. Kolbitsch; Berlin/DE

Panel discussion: How to optimise motion management in different imaging modalities? 


10:30 - 12:00 - Scientific Session: Contrast agents and molecular imaging
SS 1406
Topics: Hybrid Imaging, Oncologic Imaging

Room: M 3
Moderators: F. A. Gallagher (Cambridge/GB), L. Umutlu (Essen/DE)

10 presentations in this session:


Keynote lecture
F. A. Gallagher; Cambridge/GB


Orthotopic lung cancer: molecular imaging-monitored intratumoural radiofrequency heat-enhanced HSV-TK gene therapy
Q. Weng1, F. Zhang1, F. Xiong1, Y. Jin1, J. Song2, M. Chen2, J. Hui2, J. Ji2, X. Yang1; 1Seattle/US 2Lishui/CN


Radiofrequency hyperthermia-enhanced intratumoral herpes simplex virus-thymidine kinase (HSV-TK) gene therapy of ovarian cancer: monitored by ultrasound and optical imaging
Y. Li1, F. Zhang2, S. Zhao2, G. Jin3, L. Zhao4, Y. Zhou2, P. Li2, X. Yang2; 1Guiyang/CN 2Seattle/US 3Shanghai/CN 4Wenzhou/CN


In vivo tracking of the tropism of mesenchymal stem cells to malignant gliomas using reporter gene-based MR imaging
M. Cao; Guangzhou/CN


Tumour microenvironment-responsive intelligent nanocomposites for efficient theranostics of glioma
H. Liu, W. Zhang; Chongqing/CN


Fluorescence molecular imaging of infection and inflammation utilizing a novel probe specific for myeloperoxidase
B. Pulli, C. Wang, G. R. Wojtkiewicz, J. Chen; Boston/US


Integrin-targeted multispectral optoacoustic tomography with MRI correlation for monitoring a BRAF/MEK inhibitor combination therapy in a murine model of human melanoma
P. M. Kazmierczak, N. C. Burton, G. Keinrath, H. Hirner-Eppeneder, M. Schneider, R. S. Eschbach, M. F. Reiser, J. Ricke, C. C. Cyran; Munich/DE


Molecular MR imaging of myeloperoxidase reveals a new myeloid cell treatment effect of interferon-beta in experimental multiple sclerosis
B. Pulli1, R. Forghani2, C. Wang1, G. R. Wojtkiewicz1, J. Chen1; 1Boston/US 2Montreal/CA


Naluf4 for spectral CT in the diagnosis of osteoscarcoma
Y. Jin, L. Gao, F. Han, Y. Lv, J. Zhang; Shanghai/CN


Ultrasound molecular imaging of breast cancer in mcf-7 orthotopic mice model using a novel dual-targeted ultrasound contrast agent
L. Xu, F. Li, J. Du; Shanghai/CN


14:00 - 15:30 - Hybrid imaging in oncology
SF 15a
Level II – Topics: Oncologic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Hybrid Imaging

Room: O

Moderator: M. E. Mayerhöfer (Vienna/AT)


6 presentations in this session:


Chairperson’s introduction
M. E. Mayerhöfer; Vienna/AT

Role of hybrid imaging in thoracic malignancies
G. Cook; London/GB

Prostate cancer: the “killer application” for MR/PET?
M. R. Makowski; Berlin/DE

MR/PET of breast tumours
K. Pinker-Domenig; Vienna/AT

MR/PET of pelvic cancers
P. R. Ros; Cleveland/US

Panel discussion: Does the multiparametric approach have a clinical benefit?





08:30 - 10:00 - New treatments for musculoskeletal tumours

SF 17a

Level III – Topics: Musculoskeletal, Oncologic Imaging, Hybrid Imaging

Room: N
Moderator: J. L. Bloem (Leiden/NL)


5 presentations in this session:


Chairperson’s introduction: What is changing?
J. L. Bloem; Leiden/NL

New treatment paradigms in orthopaedic oncology
M. A. J. van de Sande; Leiden/NL

Multimodality imaging in treating and monitoring bone sarcoma
M.-A. Weber; Rostock/DE

Multimodality imaging in treatment and surveillance of soft tissue sarcoma
C. Messiou; London/GB

Panel discussion: Increasing quality of life in sarcoma patients without decreasing survival. What is needed from an imaging perspective to allow and support this?


08:30 - 10:00 - ESR/ESTRO - New imaging approaches for radiotherapy

Level III – Topics: Oncologic Imaging

Room: X
Moderator: V. Valentini (Rome/IT), M. Fuchsjäger (Graz/AT)


7 presentations in this session:


Chairpersons’ introduction (part 1)
V. Valentini; Rome/IT

Chairpersons’ introduction (part 2)
M. Fuchsjäger; Graz/AT

Dual-energy CT: what are the benefits for radiotherapy?
P. Wohlfahrt1, C. Richter1, C. Möhler2, S. Greilich2; 1Dresden/DE 2Heidelberg/DE

Ultrasound imaging in radiotherapy: “old” technology with new applications in RT?
E. Harris; Sutton/GB

MR-LINAC technological advances and potential usability in clinical setting
O. Jäkel; Heidelberg/DE

Multiparametric MR-PET for differentiation of residual disease vs treatment-induced inflammatory changes
M. Becker; Geneva/CH

Panel discussion: Will radiation oncology and radiology be able to take advantage of each other’s technological innovation?