Dear ESHIᴹᵀ members,

as you know, this year’s ECR had to go virtual, and, therefore, we miss out on the opportunity to meet in person during the ESHIᴹᵀ General Assembly, which has been held for the past years in conjunction with the main congress. As a consequence, also our General Assembly will be organised differently this year. All agenda items for the Assembly, which require a member’s vote will be addressed electronically.

You can find more details about the voting period, voting points and eligibility for voting further below. Please note that according to our statutes only Full Members are allowed to vote.

On the occasion of the upcoming General Assembly and the election of a new ESHIᴹᵀ Board, allow me to add a personal note: It has been a privilege serving you and the community for the past 2 years as ESHIᴹᵀ president. It is time now to open the presidency and all board positions to new aspiring experts and talents. I am very fond of the new candidates who are keen to engage in this important association and who are willing to share a significant amount of their time with the members. Please see here for more information about the candidates for the ESHIᴹᵀ Board.

Thank you for your interest, your support, your actions and your wishes to make this society a fun place to engage with for the better of medical diagnosis, clinical research and above all our patients.

Stay well and go hybrid!


Thomas Beyer
ESHIᴹᵀ President 2018-2020

Voting Period

Start: Wednesday, July 08, 12:00 CEST
End: Wednesday, July 15, 12:00 CEST


Voting Points

  1. Nominations to the Executive Committee 2020-2022
  2. Re-election of society controllers 2020-2021
  3. Approval of membership fees for the year 2021


Voting Eligibility

Only active Full Members, having paid their membership fees for 2020, shall have the right to vote.These members will receive the email with the voting link and further instructions on Wednesday, July 08.

If you have not yet balanced your membership fees for 2020, please do so at your earliest convenience but no later than Tuesday, July 07.

Nominations for the Executive Committee 2020-2022

Here are the nominations for the ESHIᴹᵀ Executive Committee for 2020-2022.

The nominated board comprises nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists and medical physicists, all with vast experience in hybrid imaging and a vivid interest to foster and promote the use, education and research of hybrid, molecular and translational imaging.