Dear ESHIᴹᵀ members,

I personally like to invite you to take part, if possible, in the General Assembly of our society in Vienna during ECR 2020.

It has been a privilege serving you and the community for the past 2 years as president, and it is now time to step down and open the presidency and additional board positions to new aspiring experts and talents. As such, we will inform you of the upcoming candidates for the ESHIᴹᵀ Board in due course, and you will have a chance to cast your vote in person during the GA on March 12.

Further, we will use the meeting to inform you about the past activities of ESHIᴹᵀ that together with the help of the office and you have lead to a fast-pace growth of our society and a significant impact, as attested by the reception of our webinars and the two CHILI conferences.

Thank you for your interest, your support, your actions and your wishes to make this society a fun place to engage with for the better of medical diagnosis, clinical research and above all our patients.

I look forward to seeing you in Vienna.


Thomas Beyer
ESHIᴹᵀ President 2018-2020

ESHIᴹᵀ General Assembly 2020

Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020
Time: 11:00 – 12:00
Location: Austria Center Vienna, Room M6

You can find the agenda via the link below and in your MyUserArea. The nominations for election as well as the details of the change of statutes will be announced on the website.

Active member in 2020?

Please note that only active members of the society, having paid their membership dues of the current year, will be allowed to enter the General Assembly.

In order to remain active, please balance your membership fee for 2020 in your personal MyUserArea.


Not registered for ECR?

Please contact the ESHIᴹᵀ Office until March 01 the latest and we will arrange a temporary ticket which will allow you to attend the General Assembly only.