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  • ESHI Storyboard: Diagnostic Therapeutic Centre (DTZ) Berlin
  • ESHI Webinars attract registrants from 65 countries
  • ESHI/ESR Youth Support Programme – already a success
  • ESHI Case: Lymph node metastasis in a prostate carcinoma: Ga-68-PSMA-PET/MR
  • Hands-on PET/MR Training
  • Don’t forget to renew your ESHI membership!

ESHI Storyboard
Diagnostic Therapeutic Centre (DTZ) Berlin

“The DTZ has relied on hybrid imaging since 2003 because we are convinced of its diagnostic advantages. We have developed our own in-house certified radiochemistry, which employs its own cyclotron and enables us to cost-effectively create the tracers required for hybrid imaging without sacrificing time or quality,” says Prof. Dr. Mohnike in an exclusive interview.

At the DTZ, nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists work together as a single unit under one roof and benefit from each others’ expertise when reviewing patients. This close collaboration and the precise results data from comprehensive state-of-the-art devices improves their planning of a radiotherapy program significantly.

To find more information about the DTZ and to read the full interview with Prof. Dr. Mohnike, visit our website:

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ESHI Webinars Attract Registrants from 65 Countries

The ESHI Webinar series is entering a well deserved summer break now.

We have received a total of 431 registrations for our first five webinars, with registrants from all over the world, covering 65 different countries. (See the full map of registrants by city here). The next four will be exclusively for ESHI members.

This overwhelming interest and the positive feedback we have received reinforces our ambition to continue delivering high quality education to nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists in Europe and throughout the world.

Read more here.

ESHI/ESR Support Programme – already a success

ESR and ESHI have, in cooperation with the European School of Radiology (ESOR), decided to support young radiologists, oncologists and nuclear medicine physicians in their specialty training by fully subsidising the unique ESOR course “Introduction to Hybrid Imaging in Oncology“, including a free registration, free accomodation and a travel grant. 

The programme has received hundreds of applications and ESHI and its partners are proud to be able to offer this scholarship to as many imaging specialists as possible. 

This overwhelming interest also highlights the growing demand for specialty training in hybrid medical imaging, which ESHI will continue to address, e.g. by launching a diploma in hybrid imaging and by organising another course later this year.

The registration is now closed, but stay tuned for similar programmes to come in the near future!

ESHI Case of the Month
Lymph node metastasis in a prostate carcinoma: Ga-68-PSMA-PET/MR

Read the full case here!

This case was kindly provided by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mohnike from the Diagnostic Therapeutic Centre (DTZ) Berlin.

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Hands-On PET-MR Training

The ESMRMB Hands-On MRI programme offers the opportunity to engage with combined theoretical and practical MR content for radiologists, MR radiographers/technologists and other interested physicians.

During our 2.5 day course on PET-MR taking place from September 25-27 in Leuven/BE, topics from MR safety and PET radioprotection to MR and PET acquisition and processing as well as PET-MR in clinical brain imaging and clinical oncology will be covered!

You can find the programme and more information, as well as the possibility to register here!

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