We have received many great photos, drawings and illustrations for our ESHI Photo Competition in connection to the ESHI educational course on “Hybrid Imaging in Oncology” from December 14-15 in Vienna.

The prize jury reviewed all contributions and had the very difficult task to choose the three winners for the Apple Watch 3 and the two Nespresson Inissia Coffee Machines.

Thank you to all the contributions, we had a great time going through all the different photos and pictures!

Here are the three winners:


3rd Prize – Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

The jury awarded Giorgi Ubiria with the 3rd prize, congratulations! (And if you should have some more of those shirts, we would like to add them to our merchandise)


Giorgi Ubiria - ESHI shirt


2nd Prize – Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

This great picture (and sad story) simply could not go unawarded by our prize Jury:

The submitter Urzula Safronova wrote: “After performing PET/CT to this coffee machine, the Latvian team came to the conclusion that the old coffee machine has an incurable damage. Looking forward for #ESHIcourse2017″


Urzula Safronova - PET Coffee Machine


1st Prize – Apple Watch 3

The decision for the first prize was the toughest for our prize jury but in the end they all agreed that Sherif Mohsen has put the most effort into a well thought idea, creating a space/time hybrid picture from different sites in Austria, and thus deserves the first prize.

The submitter Sherif Mohsen wrote: “ESHI in SpaceTime – The Idea: For a photo, I considered Austria my canvas with me using my mobile phone as a paintbrush… Along the last week I’ve been in multiple Austrian cities and regions, including Vienna, Halstatt and Salzburg. I looked carefully for streets that can form letters of ESHI by taking my GPS based activity… I tried to escape the conventional photography, which I’ve already took a lot of spectacular photos for Austria, yet I walked in its space and time painting a photograph of ESHI over Austria land. I ran and walked along Halstatt lake, Salzburg streets, Vienna streets and around Schonbrunn Palace fountains.. .I tracked my walking / running activity using phone app and the results were graphed as shown.”


Sherif Mohsen - Google Maps ESHI_2