Add your personal flavour to the CHILI mix

Submit your video and be part of CHILI 2023

We have registrations from more than 130 countries and we would love to show the diversity of our community during CHILI.

Under the title #MYSPICYWELCOMETOCHILI, we would love everyone to welcome the audience to CHILI in their own language.

Send us a short video and we will include you in the breaks of our upcoming Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live on November 17!

So simply send us a warm welcome message from your country to the attendees of CHILI, in your language!



–  There has to be at least one chili (pepper) in your video!

–  The video must not exceed 30 seconds

Submission Deadline:


–  Submission is open until October 14.

Important points to keep in mind:


–  Always hold the mobile phone / camera horizontally (landscape)!!

–  The video should be around 10-20 seconds, but must not exceed 30 seconds!

–  Select the best available video quality on your mobile phone or camera

–  Try to minimize background noises and optimize lighting (no sun/source of light in your back)

You can either post your videos on social media by using the hashtag #MYSPICYWELCOMETOCHILI or just send us your Video per mail or WeTransfer to